Vegan Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D plays a critical role in maintaining healthy bones, supporting the immune system, and regulating mood, among other vital physiological functions. Nonetheless, for vegans, sourcing Vitamin D presents a challenge as most supplements are animal-derived.
This guide thoroughly examines the top vegan Vitamin D supplements available on the market, providing assistance to individuals following a plant-based diet to maintain optimal health while upholding their ethical standards.

Understanding Vitamin D and Its Importance

Vitamin D, specifically in the forms of Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3, is essential for calcium absorption, immune function, and bone health. Traditionally, Vitamin D3 supplements have been derived from animal sources such as lanolin (sheep’s wool) or fish oil, while Vitamin D2 is obtained from plant sources and certain fungi. However, recent developments have introduced vegan Vitamin D3 from lichen, making it possible for vegans to enjoy the benefits of the more potent D3 form without using animal products.

The Difference Between Vitamin D2 and D3

Vitamin D2 (Ergocalciferol)

Vitamin D2 is derived from irradiated mushrooms and yeast. While it can help raise vitamin D levels in the blood, it is generally considered less effective than Vitamin D3 in maintaining those levels over time.

Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)

Vitamin D3 is more effectively converted by the liver into the active form of vitamin D that our bodies can use. Traditionally sourced from animals, vegan Vitamin D3 sourced from lichen provides an ethical and sustainable option for vegans that is just as effective as its non-vegan counterpart.

Choosing the Right Vegan Vitamin D Supplement

When selecting a vegan Vitamin D supplement, it’s important to consider several factors to ensure you are getting a quality product that meets your dietary and health needs.


Vegan Vitamin D is available in various forms, including tablets, capsules, and liquid drops. Liquid drops can be particularly effective as they allow for easy absorption and dosage adjustments.


Certifications from third-party organizations like the Vegan Society or USDA Organic provide assurance of the supplement’s vegan status and quality.


The dosage of Vitamin D required can differ depending on factors such as age, geographic location, existing Vitamin D levels, and specific health needs. Therefore, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare provider to determine the appropriate dosage for your particular situation.

Top Vegan Vitamin D Supplements on the Market

Here are some of the top-rated vegan Vitamin D supplements, known for their quality and effectiveness:

  1. Garden of Life mykind Organics Vegan D3
    • Formulated from lichen, this organic spray is certified vegan and provides 2,000 IU of Vitamin D3 per spray, making it easy to adjust your dose.
  2. Veganicity Vitamin D3
    • These tablets offer 1,000 IU of Vitamin D3 per tablet, sourced from lichen, and are certified vegan by the Vegan Society.
  3. Nordic Naturals Plant-Based Vitamin D3
    • Sourced from lichen, these liquid drops provide 1,000 IU per serving and are a great choice for those who prefer a liquid form for quicker absorption.
  4. Doctor’s Best Vegan D3
    • Encapsulated in veggie soft gels that provide 2,500 IU of Vitamin D3 from lichen per capsule, this supplement is ideal for those needing a higher dose.

The Importance of Regular Monitoring

Even with supplementation, it’s crucial to consistently monitor your Vitamin D levels through blood tests. Doing so ensures that your levels remain within the optimal range and enables you to adjust your dosage as needed, guided by a healthcare professional.

Benefits of Vegan Vitamin D Supplements

Vegan Vitamin D supplements not only align with a vegan lifestyle but also offer several health benefits that contribute to overall wellness. Here are some key advantages of maintaining adequate Vitamin D levels through vegan supplements:

Supports Bone Health

Vitamin D serves a crucial function in calcium absorption, which is vital for maintaining strong bones and preventing osteoporosis. Consequently, vegan supplements offer a dependable source of Vitamin D, thereby ensuring that vegans can meet their daily requirements without depending on animal-derived products.

Enhances Immune Function

Regular supplementation can help reduce the risk of infections and may support the body’s defenses against various diseases, making it especially valuable during flu seasons or in areas with high prevalence of common colds.

Improves Mood

There is growing evidence that Vitamin D can influence mood and help alleviate symptoms of depression, particularly during the darker, winter months when sunlight exposure is reduced. Vegan Vitamin D supplements can help mitigate the seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and promote a more stable mood throughout the year.

Promotes Heart Health

Vitamin D is believed to contribute to heart health by impacting blood pressure regulation and inflammatory responses. Consequently, sufficient intake of Vitamin D through supplements can enhance cardiovascular health, thereby adding a crucial layer of benefit to the vegan diet.

Incorporating Vegan Vitamin D into Your Lifestyle

Incorporating vegan Vitamin D supplements into your daily routine can be easy and effective with these tips:

Integrate with Meals

Taking your vitamin D supplement with a meal, especially those that contain fats, can enhance absorption due to its fat-soluble nature. Meals that include avocados, olive oil, nuts, or seeds are ideal companions for your supplement.

Consistent Supplementation

To achieve the best results, consistency is key. Set a daily reminder to take your supplement at the same time each day to maintain steady Vitamin D levels.

Lifestyle Synergy

Augment your supplementation with a lifestyle that promotes optimal Vitamin D absorption and utilization. This strategy includes sustaining a balanced diet rich in other vitamins and minerals, consistently engaging in regular exercise, and efficiently managing stress levels.

Educating Others About Vegan Vitamin D

As awareness of veganism grows, so does the importance of educating others about the specific nutritional considerations it entails. Sharing knowledge about the benefits of vegan Vitamin D supplements can help dispel myths about vegan nutrition and encourage more people to consider plant-based supplements as viable alternatives to animal-derived products.

Staying Informed

The world of dietary supplements is constantly evolving, as ongoing research consistently illuminates the best practices for supplementation. Consequently, staying informed about the latest studies and recommendations can assist you in making well-informed decisions about your health, thereby ensuring that your vegan lifestyle remains both healthy and sustainable.


Vegan Vitamin D supplements are an essential aspect of maintaining health within a vegan lifestyle. They offer a cruelty-free way to meet daily nutritional requirements while supporting bone health, immune function, mood stabilization, and cardiovascular health. By choosing a reputable vegan Vitamin D supplement and integrating it into a well-rounded lifestyle, vegans can enjoy the myriad benefits of this crucial nutrient without compromise. Regular monitoring and consultation with healthcare professionals can further optimize health outcomes, ensuring that Vitamin D levels remain within a healthy range.